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So, this morning I woke up at 5:15am, 15 minutes before my alarm was due to go off.

I had a pretty bad sleep as I’d been at work late (got home at approx 9:30pm – a solid 13 hour day) and hadn’t been able to properly switch off. I had some dinner when I got home (beef steak fried in butter with a side salad of greens, ripe tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, lemon and a sprinkle of goats cheese). It was probably a bit too late to eat but I didnt want to wake up ravenous so I cooked it up and ate anyway. Totally delish! I’m so glad that I’ve welcomed butter and animal fat into my life over the past few weeks. It is so yummy!

Anyway, I made some green tea, showered and then relaxed on the lounge with a book. By 11:45pm I was ready for bed, but all of a sudden I got a real stressy little attack of anxiousness about my growing to-do list at work. I ended up grabbing my iPhone and firing off a few emails that I didn’t want to forget about it.

Anyway, after a restless night’s sleep I got up and went for an hour’s walk with two good friends. Got home and showered and changed for work. My groceries were delivered (online shopping – total time-saver!) and I made a big smoothie with coconut cream (full-fat of course!), frozen berries, spinach, chia seeds (soaked overnight) and a splash of milk.

While I was drinking this, I cooked up some sausages to take to work with me for lunch.

Ran out the door at 8:30am and missed my bus by 30 seconds! Ended up getting a cab to work because the next bus was a good 40 mins away (not great as I just can’t afford cabs at the moment).

Anyway, I’ve been at work for a few hours now and am set up for the day. I’ve got a big bottle of water and chlorophyll next to me but I am drinking a soy cappuccino – I’m not normally a big coffee drinker but for the past few weeks I’ve really been enjoying a coffee at 10am. It could be that I like the distraction of something warm in my hands. Will bring a nice teapot to work and start brewing teas in the morning instead…

Things that have helped me:

– When I get home from work, I have begun to dedicate the first 20 mins to setting up for the next day.
I put some chia seeds in a container of water in prep for my morning smoothie, cook some sort of meat to have with veggies for lunch and make a big bottle of water and chlorophyll that I can drink overnight and take on the bus with me the next morning.
I also aim to put on a load of washing that I can chuck in the dryer the next morning on my way out the door.
I know I should be using my clothesline to dry the clothes naturally, but when I’m in my busy period at work (aka right now!) I’m ok with using a dryer 2-3 times a week if it means I have clean clothes on hand and an extra 20 mins sleep – it’s my eco-vice!

– Going to the gym after work … even if it’s 10pm – working out after a busy day in front of the computer helps me de-stress and physically tires me out, meaning I sleep like a log!

– I’ve given up on making time on my weekend to go do the groceries. All I want to do on the weekend is hang out with my friends, explore new cafes, read a book, lay in the sunshine and CHILL OUT!
I’ve started shopping online for my dry and frozen groceries. They get delivered to me at home in the early morning or late at night and then I pick up fresh veggies for lunch/dinner at my local fruit and veg shop in the morning on my way to work. I just LOVE my grocery store. They fill the outside tables with local produce so while a lot of my veggies are not organic, at least I know that the majority of my food is in-season and fresh.

I’m working on reducing my intake of non-organic veg – by applying the ‘Dirty Dozen’ technique and visiting a local farmers market for local, organic produce on my Saturday mornings, but I don’t always get there.

Anyway, shopping for my lunch and dinner ingredients by visiting the fruit and shop has been super easy, it takes two minutes every couple of days (the shop is right next to my bust stop) and because I buy whatever is in-season it is cheap! I probably spend about $7 every 2-3 days on a bag of broccoli, zucchini, squash, snow peas – whatever looks yum! Then it’s just a matter of steaming at work (in microwave for 20-30 secs, again not ideal, but what’s a working girl to do?) and eating with a can of tuna or with whatever chicken/meat/fish I’ve cooked the night before.

Anyway, that just about wraps up post #1.

20 min organisational session at night
Morning walk
Local veg buying and online dry/frozen ingredient shopping

Replace morning coffee with herbal tea (bring in pretty teapot and cup to make it special)
Dry body brush before morning shower
Organic veggies
Gym at night – make it a priority!

Keep well,
getglow xx


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